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Selection of the right pack size

In the following we would like to briefly explain how you select the number of sleeves required.

  1. The sleeves can be purchased in pack sizes of 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100 sleeves per pack.
    You can select the desired package in the respective article.
    By default, 2 sleeves are selected per pack.

  2. In the next step you can select the number of packs (next to "Add to shopping cart").
    By default, "1 Package(s)" is selected.


  3. If you need up to 100 sleeves, you may choose one of the available package sizes.
    Of course, you can also put different (or the same) pack sizes of one length in the shopping cart to get the desired number.

    For example, if you need 70 tubes, select 50 tubes and 20 tubes and add both to the shopping cart.

    In the following example 80 sleeves are ordered. For this, 2 packs of the "40 sleeves" pack size are placed in the shopping cart.


    How does it look in the shopping cart (you can change there the number of packs if needed)


  4. Tip: if you need more than 100 tubes, it is best to choose several packs of 100 pieces.

  5. In the event that the required number of sleeves is not available in the shop, please email us. If the inventory is available, we will change the quantity accordingly. If this is not possible, we will give you a new delivery date as soon as possible.